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About Us

About Us

    1. ZsMalik Team has initiated a huge portal of mobile Software & Hardware Tools for the India,
    • here you may find almost all the "stock tools & Activation & Codes " available.
    • And we are just starting now and growing very fast on a day to day basis
      This is the only One platform where we provide Tools  at a very attractive price,
    • we do not intend to harm or be an excuse for loss for any company, organisation
    • or business. That is not our intention.

    A note to the visitors of ZsMalik WebSite :

    Our Services Include:

    • Tools Provide
    • Software Solution
    • Unlocking Solutions

    We are working hard to facilitate and deliver relevant, practical support to small businesses and foster the development of policy conducive to the growth of a thriving sector.

    Client satisfaction is on the highest priority of our business. Every single task of our company is devoted to client’s satisfaction. We care about ease of client during project execution process. Flexibility plays vital role in successful project execution. We have adaptability to remain committed to the quality and output considering your needs.